Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alphabet Soup

My niece's baby shower is tomorrow. They're naming her wee bub Henry Mason, so I made this for the nursery wall. I hope she likes it and it doesn't end up in the closet... as a door stop. I fortunately live right next to a sporting goods store, the staff of which very kindly allowed me to skulk around taking photos. My favorite is the e. I was pretty stoked when I found that. I think I actually clapped my hands and jumped up and down. Right handed mitts are rarish. I also really like the texture of the h photo. Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow and can only attend the first 20 minutes of the shower, so I probably won't get to see the unwrapping of this masterpiece. My mum has strict instructions to observe and report.

My bro moved into new digs this week so I spent two days in Portland packing and moving so he wouldn't have to do it all himself in the middle of his midterms at school. I am sore. I press ganged two friends of mine into helping and I have it on good authority that one of them cried in the shower this morning while washing his hair because it hurt to lift his arms. I feel you, my friend. I have a bruise the size of Wisconsin on my arm. But it's worth it to see my bro in a better place. And he'd do the same for me, right???