Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tomato Sauce

Hello blogworld!  I haven't posted for an egregiously long time.  I have no excuse for myself. 

The flower shop is going well.  We are hoping to move to a bigger space soon, just around the corner from where we are now.  The new space will have a nice big display window on one of the busiest streets in town.  No more being tucked quietly and unobtrusively inside a large building.  Also, and this is the real reason for the move, our retail space and our work space will be all together instead of on two different floors of a large building.  No more having to leave the register unattended to make arrangements or do deliveries :)  Yay!  We're also in talks to purchase another florist who is wanting to sell.  She's the oldest florist in town, established in 1917.  We get lots of internet business now, but very little local traffic.  We hope the addition of the new client base will change that. 

I'm still driving city transit.  In fact I just doubled my hours to requalify for health insurance.  My asthma meds are too expensive without insurance, so I'll be splitting my time more evenly between the shop and the bus.  Between the 2 I'll be working nearly 60 hrs/week, so if I don't have much of an online presence for the next little while, I'm not ignoring you personally.  Someday the flower shop will be able to support us, but that's several years away, I'm sure, and until then I'll be burning the candle at both ends.  The good news about increasing my bus hours is that I get my vacation hours back, so I'll actually be able to afford a day off once in awhile :) 

In book art news, the exhibit at Pegasus Gallery went well and they asked me if I'd like to keep some pieces on display there all the time :)  Yay!! 

Hmmm...  surely other important things have happened since October...  It all runs together, you know?  Here's a picture of the most recent book I took to the gallery.  It's a bit ridiculous :)  It's called Forever in Love, made from a book of poems, sayings, snippets about love and romance.  I shredded it :D 
Oh, I guess I should explain the title of this post.  One day in my seminary class in Christchurch I asked my students to turn to a particular scripture.  They did so, but one girl was having a hard time finding it and one of the boys said, "Geez, tomato sauce!"  She said, "Huh?"  and he explained, "Ketchup... Catch up?"  In New Zealand they call ketchup tomato sauce.  So this is my catch up post.