Sunday, June 27, 2010

What a waste of time!!

I hate technology. Really. Life would be so much simpler without all these 'time saving' gadgets that really just mean there is more and more meaningless drivel with which to fill our time. Of course, without technology I wouldn't be here ranting to you tonight.

I just spent the last 4 hours trying unsuccessfully to install a webcam on my computer. My dear friend's birthday is tomorrow/today, (he is in Finland, so he's 10 hours ahead -ish) and he's been after me for months... years to get a webcam so we can skype. I have no desire to be visible while we are chatting. I like being able to loll about in my underwear and stuff my face and multitask and mostly to react to things privately before deciding how to respond publicly, so I have been dragging my feet. I thought it would be nice to give him his wish for his birthday and to call him before he left the house for the day. Hah! Not going to happen. Ah, well, it's the thought that counts, and as he didn't even remember my birthday this year I feel no guilt for my failure. Poo poo poo on microsoft and their stupid poopy technology.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Can I See Some ID, Please?

I went to a bar. I didn't know I was going to a bar. I thought I was going to a restaurant. I read in the paper that my favorite local musician, Dave Plaehn, the best blues harmonica player ever, would be playing at Big River, (yes, the same restaurant where I had lunch with Obama ;) I arrived at the designated place and time only to discover that Dave was playing not in the restaurant proper, but in the bar out the back. It was actually a very pleasant experience, although MILES outside my comfort zone. I rarely go out and never alone and never to a bar. I arrived half an hour before the music was scheduled to begin because I wanted to have dinner and I didn't want to be rudely stuffing my gob while the band was playing. Most of the tables were already full, so I took the last low table and felt like a selfish cow sitting at a table for 4 all by myself, until a lovely woman called Erica asked if she and her friends could join me. Yay Erica. I felt much better not monopolizing so much prime real estate. She and her friends were very gregarious, lovely people. Everyone looked familiar to me. I think they must all ride the bus, everyone in the whole bar - particularly my waiter, Carl, who I'm certain rides the route 6, and who was responsible for handing me the biggest laugh of my day when he carded me for a glass of water. Bless the boy. I'm 39. Dave and his mates are playing there again next month. I think I'll go again, but next time I'll try not to go alone :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I haven't posted because there's nothing new in my life but these:

I made the stand out of a clothes hanger with a pair of pliers :)
The following are 3 versions of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. The town's used book stores are now vacant of illustrated copies of this book :O

Currier and Ives' America. I felt no compunction in mutilating this book. Some of the paintings were pretty un-pc to the point of being offensive, mostly the ones dealing with Native Americans and with women suffragettes. I know it was the mindset of the times, but Grrrrr! It's better as sculpture :)

This understated beauty is perhaps my favorite.

Sadly, many people are looking at my site, and even liking it, but no one is buying :( Boo hoo. But I'm still hopeful. It's only been a few weeks since I opened shop.
It's not strictly true that there is nothing new in my life. I am going to be a great aunt. WooHoo! My niece is pregnant and the world rejoices. My mum is so happy she could burst and my sis in law is going to need cheek replacement surgery because she's going to wear hers out with grinning from ear to ear. My brother strenuously objects to being called Grandpa by anyone except the actual grandchild, and at 43 one can hardly blame him.
Also new - my Dad and his lovely wife are moving to Hawaii in August. Yeah!! I've always wanted to go there but never had a good excuse. He got a job at the university in Honolulu, so it's goodbye snow and hello sun. Grad school in Hawaii... hmmm.... Well, since Lost is done filming there there's less of a draw to live there ;) Lost. Don't get me started.