Monday, June 21, 2010

Can I See Some ID, Please?

I went to a bar. I didn't know I was going to a bar. I thought I was going to a restaurant. I read in the paper that my favorite local musician, Dave Plaehn, the best blues harmonica player ever, would be playing at Big River, (yes, the same restaurant where I had lunch with Obama ;) I arrived at the designated place and time only to discover that Dave was playing not in the restaurant proper, but in the bar out the back. It was actually a very pleasant experience, although MILES outside my comfort zone. I rarely go out and never alone and never to a bar. I arrived half an hour before the music was scheduled to begin because I wanted to have dinner and I didn't want to be rudely stuffing my gob while the band was playing. Most of the tables were already full, so I took the last low table and felt like a selfish cow sitting at a table for 4 all by myself, until a lovely woman called Erica asked if she and her friends could join me. Yay Erica. I felt much better not monopolizing so much prime real estate. She and her friends were very gregarious, lovely people. Everyone looked familiar to me. I think they must all ride the bus, everyone in the whole bar - particularly my waiter, Carl, who I'm certain rides the route 6, and who was responsible for handing me the biggest laugh of my day when he carded me for a glass of water. Bless the boy. I'm 39. Dave and his mates are playing there again next month. I think I'll go again, but next time I'll try not to go alone :)

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