Sunday, September 27, 2015


I have long wanted a cat or a dog, but I don't live alone and my mother has been consistently and vehemently opposed to the addition of pets to our tiny abode.  Apparently she has recently been replaced by pod people, because a few months ago she unexpectedly changed her decades long anti pet stance and agreed to let me get a cat.

At first we were going to get just one, but I fell in love with these brothers and we couldn't bear to separate them.  They've lived with us for 2 months now and I don't know how we did without them.  They are endlessly entertaining and a total joy.

Meet Fezzik and Inigo.

Fezzik making himself at home on Baathsheepa.

If we shaved his head he'd look like the alien from Independence Day.

So teeny!

Came home to find this mess one day.  Yes, black lives do matter.

Grandma human with her baby boys :)

Fezzik can sleep anywhere.

Typical morning.  I suspect I will find it increasingly difficult to be on time.  They're so cuddly when we wake up :)

Their castle.

Yeah, I didn't want to use the computer anyway.

Hellooooooo, ladies.

Wow, I need to vacuum.

Brotherly love.  They groom each other all over pretty much every day.

Fezzik looking sly after a morning of mischief.


Awwwww. That face :)

Fezzik's curly little tail.
I know they're not particularly unique, (most black cats look surprisingly similar), and the photos are not extraordinary in this world of uber cute cat photos glutting the internet, but they're ours and we love them.

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