Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Farewell, my little blue friends

The carnage!! The destruction!! The total devastation!! The Smurf Village has been razed to the ground. Sob. Apparently the grounds crew at HP have no respect for little blue beings because when I drove through there today it was all gone, only stems left. I'd post photos, but I think they'd be too graphic for my reading audience.


  1. maybe used their village to feed their mushroom craving family..

    RIP smurfette!

  2. er maybe SOMEONE used their village to ...etc etc

  3. lol. I actually saw the grounds crew sowing their destruction, but I did wonder what sort of properties these very colorful shrooms might have contained. I love mushrooms, but I would never pick any wild for fear of poisoning myself :O

  4. Mike has a mushroom identification book, he used it in Oregon all the time and picked many a mushroom for dinner. Clearly, the book has been accurate, thus far lol.

    There are a few popping up here now, on the hiking trial just down from the house, it will be an adventure for my boys in the near future I am sure.