Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yesterday my walk consisted of 45 minutes of pushing a gorcery cart around the aisles of Safeway, even though there were only half a dozen things on my list. Today I was going to walk to church, and it's a gorgeous day for it, but I woke up all achy and fevery, and they've asked us not to come to church if we're sick, so here I sit at my computer while my mum sets forth for Sunday worship. Later my Uncle Snake is coming over for dinner, so I'll have to look lively for awhile. I gave him the option of postponing to avoid contamination, but he says he'll risk it :) Who knew my cooking was worth it? lol. We're having spaghetti bolognese - hard to mess that up.


  1. Im sick too... but Id risk a visit for some spaghetti bolognese, si si.

  2. It was so so. I've made better, but it was edible :)