Friday, October 30, 2009


I drive by this lovely little hilltop cemetery every day and have long wanted to stop and take a closer look. I wandered here for a half hour reading headstones and admiring the view.
The oldest headstone I found was from 1819 and the newest was from January of this year.
I love the delicate older headstones.
They're sweet and graceful and many of them have favorite scriptures or religious sayings on them as well as beautiful carvings.

This was my favorite. It's pretty plain, but at the bottom is engraved, "Christus ist mein Leben, Sterben ist mein Gewinn", which translates to "Christ is my life, Death is my victory". Love it. Hmmm... what do I want my headstone to say, if I should decide to have one. At the moment I favor the idea of cremation for myself, in case you wanted to know :)


  1. I like the headstone "see, I told you I was sick"

    Love this second photo down. perfetto.!

  2. Lol. This cemetery was actually a little creepy, even at mid day. There were holes in the ground EVERYWHERE, like deep holes. I don't know if they were some sort of aeration/ventilation, or if they were animal or insect related. Either way, EW! But it is very picturesque on its countryside hilltop.