Monday, October 19, 2009

Uncle Snake's house

This is Elvis

This is Elvis on drugs.

That's a catnip banana, which he has licked so long there is a hole in the side and the innards are oozing out. I wonder if catnip and Prozac are contraindicated, because he's been a bit odder than usual the last few days and I've noticed he is more than usually vigorous in his attentions to the banana since he started the Prozac. Weird. And he's still peeing on the furniture. In fact, I was bringing laundry into the lounge to fold yesterday evening. I had dropped one load off and was coming into the room with load # 2 when I found him just beginning to squat over my clean laundry!!! Brat!!

This is Pepper. She is lovely and serene. In fact I'm convinced that she didn't leave this chair most of the time I was staying there. She was there in the morning when I left for work, she was there when I came home 10 hours later. Who knows how she actually spent her days, but it seemed as though she never moved.

This is the view off the back deck. I love this house.

If I lived here I would paint again. I would have room for a studio, and there is so much beauty to inspire, and such serenity in the location.

Alas, I mean Yay!! My uncle is home safe and sound. Back home for me. Luck was on my side. My mum had a cold while I was away, but is better now. I missed it, and all the germs, hopefully. I need a flu shot.

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