Sunday, October 18, 2009


I've been cat-sitting at my uncle's for the last several days, with limited internet access and no cell phone service, so I haven't been able to post since I've been there. I came home after church today with the express purpose of posting some photos of said cats, as well as some of the scenery up there, but wouldn't you know it? I left my camera up there. Doh! You'll have to wait till tomorrow. Can you stand the suspense?

Regarding those lovable felines, Elvis, the tom cat, has recently been having some anxiety issues, the result of which is an increased propensity for peeing on the furniture. Joy is me. He has been to the vet, who in her wisdom has prescribed... Prozac. That's right, kitty Prozac. Who knew such a thing existed? In spite of these daily doses of Prozac laced cat food balls doused in tuna juice, (yes, I take longer to make his dinner than mine) he is still weeing freely over all and sundry articles of furniture which happen to be in his path. I am less than thrilled with this development in his character, although thus far he has left my stuff alone. Either that or it's dry by the time I get home.

Aside from the obvious drawback, staying at my uncle's is always a rejuvenating, serene experience. The house is lovely, filled to the gills with books, the surrounding area is woody and calm, and the lack of fast internet, cell phones or cable tv make it a necessarily peaceful retreat from the world. I read a book last night. An entire book :) Granted, it was P.G. Wodehouse, so not meaty reading, but still very satisfying in it's way. Tonight I might take a bath in the spa tub :D

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