Sunday, September 26, 2010


For a good long while now, possibly years, the floor in our living room has been deteriorating. There were soft spots where I'm sure if I had stomped really hard I would have torn a hole in the carpet and gone right through. It was in dire need of fixing, thus - Cody to the rescue. Cody is a mate from work who is infinitely capable. Last year he painted our house and built new front steps. I felt entirely confident turning this project over to him, although I know him well enough now to double whatever he tells me in time and cost.

I should have taken more 'in progress' photos, but my camera battery was dead for the first day of the process. These were really just an excuse to take pictures of Cody, who I think is totally adorable ;)

It's done now and feels so much more stable :) I don't have to tiptoe around certain spots anymore. We still haven't put everything back where it goes. It's a process.

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