Sunday, May 9, 2010

Morbid Fascination

Perhaps it's my daily association with this vehicle that fuels my fascination with it's carcass, but I do find it riveting. I was 12 minutes late on my route yesterday because I was ogling it on my way out to my bus. I find it beautiful and full of interest. Am I a weirdo?

These were taken with my camera as opposed to my phone, so should be better than the first set:

This clearly is the engine compartment. There are bits of fiberglass all over the ground around it, but a lot of the casing was also consumed in the blaze.

The ceiling:

I like the drippy plastic bits.


Tail lights:
I love this. I think it looks like snake skin.

Front window:

Front wall above driver's seat:

I think this is my favorite. I get a perverse sense of satisfaction seeing my company logo this way :D

My seat... with the totally untouched fire extinguisher next to it. There was no way I was opening that door to reach in and grab it. I got the one from the bus next door.

The aroma exuding from this shell of a bus really is like a carcass. You can smell it all over the lot - smoke and plastic and rubber and oil. I almost wish they'd leave it on the lot, but we need the parking space. And I imagine that the management aren't as pleased to see it every day as I am, a constant reminder of lost revenue and failed safety measures. For me it's a reminder that in a crisis I didn't panic and was able to do what needed to be done. I feel good about that.

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