Monday, October 22, 2012


I never really noticed before, but none of the books pictured here on my blog have titles on the spine.  Hmmph.  Now that I have noticed it kind of bugs me.  Too bad I can't name them myself.  "The Mysterious Case of the Missing Trousers"  "Women Who Love Cheese Too Much"  "A Fine and Subtle Stench"  "Why Football is for Sissies"  "My Life as a Hoochie Mamma"  etc...


  1. This entertains me much... One should be called. "No More GO GO Juice"

  2. Ok, clearly I am a 3 year old because every time I reread this I giggle over the Fine and Subtle Stench. Every time. Grow up, Simmons.

  3. "Rock Scissors Paper Lizard Spock"
    "Moses Supposes Erroneously"
    "Stand and Deliver My Pizza"