Saturday, October 20, 2012

Madison Avenue Floral and Pegasus Gallery

I have opened my own flower shop.  I am woman, hear me roar!!! Lol.  My friend Michelle and I used to work at the same florist and we've been talking for years about either buying out our old boss or opening a place of our own.  When I found this kiosk for rent we knew it was time.  It's located right outside a Starbucks, so there's more foot traffic here than anywhere else in the city.  Also, the next nearest florist is miles away.  There are only 3 other florists in town, none in the southern end of town or the downtown area, which is where we are situated.  We've been open for a month now and things are going well.  We started out slow, but it's picking up. And most importantly, we love what we do :)  Our very basic website, designed by yours truly:
 Here is our lovely kiosk :)
One of the perks of this location is that everyone else in the building is super nice and supportive.  The building was originally a JC Penny's, but the current owners have turned it into a hive of small retail spaces.  It's been really fun meeting new people and getting outside my introverted shell.  You'd think as a bus driver I would have to be open and friendly but it's actually made me so cynical and antisocial.  It's really nice to be able to be more trusting and open, to let people in a little more than is my wont.  The folks at Einstein Bagels, right next to our kiosk, have been particularly friendly and accepting. 

In other news, I have been invited to exhibit my book art at Pegasus Gallery over the holidays :)  Woo hoo!!  I'm so officially excited!  It's great to have someone seek me out and say, 'hey I love your stuff and I think a lot of other people will too.  Come sell at my gallery.' I can't wait to see it on display and to see how the public reacts.  It would be so cool if I actually made some money from this ridiculous obsession.  I dropped off a few book sculptures at the gallery last week, just 45, not too many... :D  I think the exhibit starts November 1st.


  1. Congratulations in the biggest way!!!! I love the pictures on your website - especially the arrangement that looks like rows. Very cool!


  2. Thanks Heather :) I was unsure about that arrangement when I made it but it got a reaction from everyone who walked by. People either love it or hate it, mostly love :)
    My house seems so empty without all the book art around. Lol. I'll have to make more...

  3. I am SO excited about the gallery showing! You are so creative and talented!

  4. Thanks Brooke!! :) I still can't really believe it yet. It'll sink in when it opens and I see all my stuff hanging there. I'm betting there will be some sort of evening gallery open house receptiony thing for the new exhibit. You and Sean should totally come. I'll let you know when I find out the date and time.