Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Normally I don't dress up for Halloween, because I hate what it has become.  When I was a kid it was awesome.  I could dress up as a robot or an angel or a cowboy and it was all good.  Costumes were imaginative and magical and mostly home made in those days.  Somehow, sometime between then and now it has become a prerequisite for all women on Halloween to wear as little as humanly possible.  It has to be a sexy robot or a slutty angel.  Go to the Halloween store and try to find a modest costume.  Just try.  I dare you.  Unless you're in the men's section you won't find one.  And Halloween decorations have gotten so much less fun and so much more gross.  No more smiling pumpkins.  It's all coffins and blood spattered dismembered body parts, and of course, zombies.  Everywhere.  I've even seen life sized dummies hanging from trees in yards before.  From nooses.  Which to me is not only gross, but totally insensitive to anyone who has actually known someone who has hanged themselves.  It's also racially insensitive.  Wow!  When I started this I had no intention of ranting.  Lol.  Where did that come from?  Ah, well, I have long said I am the Grinch of Halloween.

Anyway, the original point of this post was to tell you that since I work in a building that participates in the downtown trick or treat thingy, I will actually be dressing up tomorrow.  In fact, as I type I am wearing part of my costume, a pair of disco ball antennae.  They are surprisingly comfortable, and oh so chic.  Perhaps I might possibly post a photo.  We'll see :)

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