Friday, March 26, 2010


This week was my bro's spring break, so he came down for a few days and we went to the coast one afternoon. It was a splendid day to be there, cool and clear. We had heard reports of stupendous numbers of whales being visible on their journey down the coast, so we drove to Depoe Bay to see what we could see.
This is what we could see, the blank face of the ocean unspotted by whales of any description. The day before we were there the number of sightings was an astounding 70. The day we were there it was 3. Typical :D

There were lots of boats to be seen, fishing charters and whale watching excursion boats. We were lolling near where the boats docked and I heard several passengers remark upon disembarking that they had enjoyed their trips in spite of the lack of whales, so we wouldn't have fared any better had we taken a charter trip. Just as well. It looked pretty choppy.

The next day I drove down to Roseburg to visit my lovely friend Gab and we decided to take a drive over to... you guessed it, the coast! We went to Coos Bay and Bandon. In Bandon we visited Cranberry Sweets, one of my favorite shops in the world. They are the producers of a divine treat called Lemon Meringue Pie Candy, which I am constitutionally unable to resist. It is heaven in candy form. I purchased it and several other sweet things which I had intended for family members at home and most of which never made it to their intended recipients. The less said about that the better, so... in Coos Bay we walked along the boardwalk and ogled the ships moored there. This beauty was among them. I was charmed by her colorful, rust-laden hull. Something about her appeals to me. Perhaps my over-romanticised notions of what it would be like to live a sea-faring life, with the wind whipping through my flaxen hair and Johnny Depp at my side... Lol. I can't even fantasize about that with a straight face.

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