Monday, March 22, 2010

Heh heh

OK, so I didn't actually attend the conference, (she says sheepishly). Here's the deal. I left home in what I thought would be plenty of time to get to my hotel, get gussied up, and still make it to the conference in good time. It failed to occur to me that Friday was the first day of Spring Break and that every human with a vehicle would be on the road, so a trip that usually takes me 4 and a half hours took 7. I arrived at my hotel after 9pm, in need of grooming from the long drive, so it would have been 10 by the time I got to the church. Not worth it. That's way more than fashionably late. Shame too, because for a change, I was actually feeling pretty up for socializing, a rare feeling for me. I had psyched myself up on the drive and was disappointed not to be able to go. So I lounged around in my extremely spacious and luxurious hotel room, which was bigger than some apartments I've lived in, enjoying the solitude.

The next morning I was still a little peeved about missing the stuff the night before, and also frustrated about not being able to get hold of my brother who lives in Seattle, so I was feeling decidedly unsocial, unlike the previous evening. I still planned on going, and in aid of that resolve, I showered and prepared to dress, only to discover that I had packed everything I needed, except... a bra. I had set aside two clean white bras, fresh from the laundry to go in my suitcase, but somehow they never made it there, so all I had with me was the one I had worn the day before, which incidentally was the one at the bottom of the drawer that only gets worn when every other option has been exhausted because it's laundry day. It does not fit well, nor is it flattering. And it wasn't clean. I know, TMI, but it was the deciding factor for me. No way was I in the mood to go to the meat market in a dirty, ill-fitting bra. So I went back to bed :) I lazed around doing crossword puzzles and playing brick breaker on my phone while waiting to hear from my brother. Very productive. Around mid-day I decided I should probably not spend the entire weekend in my hotel room, so I dressed and drove to my brother's house and left a note on the door. I figured since phone and email messages were unsuccessful, he might respond to an actual note. I left there and drove to University Village, the snootiest mall in the Northwest, I'm convinced. Very upscale, so much so that I'm told the Starbucks doesn't list prices on their menu. They say if you have to ask how much it costs, you shouldn't be there. I didn't go to the Starbucks, but went instead to possibly my favorite restaurant in America, Blue C Sushi. Here are some photos:

I want them to open a branch of this restaurant here. It's too cool. You can't really tell from the photos, (I was trying to be respectful and not photograph other patrons stuffing their faces,) but the place is set up with an open kitchen area in the middle and a conveyor belt running around the edge of the kitchen, where the chefs place their freshly made sushi dishes, and where the patrons can reach up and grab what ever looks good to them as it floats by.

Here is a small portion of my fantastically satisfying meal. My favorite thing there was the green spinach dish in the front of the photo. It's cold towers of spinach with a sweet sesame sauce, so tasty. I had two plates of that :) Also splendid was the braised tuna and the krab salad. You see how the plates are all different colors. Each color represents a different price, so when you finish your meal the wait person comes and counts your plates and gives you the bill.

The end of the meal, a stack of satisfaction. The hour I spent here was the most relaxing and serene of my weekend.

As I was finishing my meal I got a message from my brother, at long last :) We made plans for the evening, so in the interim hours I wandered around the snooty shops and did a little Christmas/birthday shopping. Nothing like planning ahead, eh? There is a confectionery shop across from the sushi place that is noteworthy. When you walk through the doors you are assaulted with color. Everything is just so; perfectly organized and tidy in a beautifully artistic and creative way. I wanted to take photos, but they wouldn't let me. Snooty pooheads. I shouldn't have asked. I should have just done it. They had the cutest little chocolate truffle Easter animals, little chicks and sheep. They were awesome! And tasty too :D

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