Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holiday - woo hoo!

I have been granted a short holiday from work. Yes, folks, all my hard work and loyalty have finally paid off and I have been given an impromptu vacation. I earned this bonus yesterday morning when my alarm failed to function and I overslept and was 20 minutes late to start my shift. In recognition of this outstanding contribution they have extended me the opportunity for a 3 day unpaid hiatus from work. I have been suspended. Yay me. Does a 3 day suspension seem a little steep for 20 minutes late to anyone but me? I should add that this is the second time in 3 years that I have been late for work, and that in spite of my arriving 20 minutes late, I was on time to start the route. The buses were not held up by my lateness, unlike last week when Steve, another driver who had 4 incidents of lateness on his record showed up an hour and a half late for his shift. We received the same punishment. How is this fair?! I'm grousing here about it, but aside from the no pay part, and the unfairly harsh part, I'm not at all upset to have some time off. Friday I'm taking Alex to the coast. Wednesday I'm meeting Gab in Eugene for some girl time. Thursday evening I'm having game night with Jonah and Coral. It could definitely be worse. Too bad I couldn't have known about it ahead of time and planned a little getaway or something :)

Ebay is evil. I've decided. Actually, ebay is just like any other potential time waster on the internet. It has it's purpose, but for people like me, slightly obsessive compulsive sheep fanatics, it is a dangerous thing. Do you know how many sheep things are listed currently on ebay? I do, because I've looked at nearly all of them. (Incidentally, it's 28,064.) This is my new love:
I covet this sheep. Isn't he magnificent? He's also obscenely expensive. I've paid less for cars I've owned. But he is gorgeous, and I sincerely hope he finds a good and loving home. Sigh.

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