Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Spring is firmly and emphatically here, at long last. It was a sunny 65 degrees in my garden today :)
I'm not sure what this beauty will turn into, but I'd like to pretend it will be a butterfly, as opposed to some creepy crawly something that will end up in my shoe some morning.
This just makes me smile :)
I wish I could import the smell to go with this photo. I love lilacs. Nothing says spring to me like lilacs and snowballs. In my grandparent's garden there were lovely old lilac and snowball bushes side by side, and for the few fleeting weeks of their blooming season we would fill the house with blossoms.
My first year of college, on the last day of school, my boyfriend of the time and I were hurrying across campus to go to an awards ceremony, the very last thing we were going to do together before we got in our respective cars and drove home for the summer. We were dressed up in our Sunday best and looking fine. On our way the heavens opened and the rain poured down for one of those brief but energetic bursts. We took shelter under a blooming lilac tree and waited for the squall to pass, holding hands and drinking in the incredible aroma of the flowers and the rain. It was a very poignant and tender moment, knowing that we were soon to be parted, and even though things didn't work out between us, I still remember it fondly when I smell lilacs :)

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