Friday, April 30, 2010

Hang up and drive!

I nearly ended a life today. A man in a shiny black car, talking on his cell phone, rolled through a stop sign and pulled out in front of my bus and I mean RIGHT in front of my bus. I blared my horn and slammed on my brakes as hard as I could, sending passengers reeling and tipping over a stroller containing a very frightened baby. I stopped 2 inches from the driver's door, with my bus straddling a railroad track. He looked absolutely terrified, then shrugged and drove off. Grade A industrial strength douche bag! If I hadn't been able to stop he would have been no longer of this world. My bus and I would have squashed him like a bug. That phone call had better have been important. It better have been the lottery commission telling him he won a flabillion dollars, or the hospital informing him that they'd found a donor for his heart transplant, because otherwise, it's not worth losing a life over.

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