Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Remember those Hefty garbage bag ads from a few years back? "Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy! Hefty hefty hefty!" Is it possible to be both? If any of you ever need CPR and I'm the only other person around, you're going to die. I am seriously a wuss and CPR takes some major stamina, so unless the EMTs arrive within about 2 minutes or there is an AED close by, it's curtains for you, baby. I had to renew my First Aid/CPR certification for work recently, and I dunno, are those dummies stiffer than a real body? Because it's freaking impossible to get the little light thingeys to go off every time. I need to do some weight training or something.

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  1. when I was teaching we had mannequins that were as close to real life as possible. So I am sure you had the same type. It does take a LOT of work, but when the chips are down ... adrenalin will kick in for you and you will last okay.