Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm about to show my laissez-faire attitude to the small details of my working life. I just discovered today that I haven't had a pay raise since I started driving city bus. We're supposed to get them every six months, plus every year on our hire-date anniversary, so I should have had 4 raises since I was officially hired. (8 if you count the year I drove for them before being "officially" hired.) How is it possible that I am just now discovering this omission, you ask? Generally, as long as I get a paycheck and it seems approximately the right amount, I'm not too fussed. But having now discovered the error, I plan on making a pretty big stink in my bosses office on Monday morning. They owe me a heck of a lot of back pay, as I see it. Schmucks. If I weren't already totally fed up with our new company, I probably wouldn't make too big a fuss, but for crying out loud. First Group are the biggest bunch of tightwads on the planet. They have stopped paying for tissues, garbage can liners, soap for the bathrooms, cleaning staff for the building, the daily newspaper... and the whopper of the pile: they wouldn't pay for the septic people to come and service the tank so we had sewage backing up at our facility and our boss had to pay for the septic service out of his own pocket. I will exact every iota of back pay from these criminals. I hate that we are now run by this huge multinational company that is so far removed from us on a personal level that they are capable of not caring about sewage at their facility. Alas for the days of small local ownership. I know, I know... I need a new job.

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