Monday, January 11, 2010

raise me up

Apparently no one has gotten a raise at work for over a year :( The company is in contract negotiations with the union, (which frankly seems to be unending. Are we ever not in negotiations of some sort?) and the result is a raise freeze. Goody. Apparently when they figure it all out we will get back pay for the raises we were supposed to have had all this time. I am not holding my breath. Poor Debbie, our accountant, who will have the wonderful job of figuring everyone's back pay from their hire dates, all 90 something of us. She REALLY deserves a raise. But it does irk me that after 2 and a half years I am making the same rate as Don, who was hired 2 months ago. I'mthankfultohaveajobI'mthankfultohaveajobI'mthankfultohaveajob


  1. when do they think the negotiations will be over?

  2. No idea. They've been going on for over a year, I believe.