Sunday, January 3, 2010


I miss New Zealand today. I wish I were there.

I wish you were there too. I wish we were all there together.
Resolutions... Hmmm. I can't decide if I think they are healthy and helpful or if they are part of a continuous cycle of disappointed expectations and unreached goals that chip away at self esteem. Goals are important. Setting achievable goals and reaching them is self affirming. But how often does one actually keep New Years resolutions? How often does one feel like a failure looking back over last year's list and realizing that it didn't even take a month for them all to fall by the wayside? I'd say about once a year.
My friend suggested several resolutions for me, among them to get another job and to visit New Zealand this year. Those almost seem mutually exclusive to me. Not much chance of me being able to afford a trip to NZ without a good paying job, and not much chance of me getting time off to go gallivanting to the other hemisphere at a brand new job. I think I will make no new resolutions this year, but I will set a goal. I'd like to hike the Milford track in the not too distant future, like within a year and a halfish. This involves smaller goals in the nature of saving and training, so I don't die in the wilderness.
Well, church will come at an unnaturally early hour tomorrow :( so I'd better turn in.

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