Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have today off :) I'm filling my free morning with extra exciting things like sleeping and laundry. Not at the same time. I've done six loads of laundry and now the only dirty clothes in the house are on my body. Of course, the bigger job is putting it all away, which may or may not happen today. This afternoon I'm driving down to Eugene to have a girly day with my friend Gab. She's looking for a couch, so we're going furniture shopping, and possibly to a movie and definitely to dinner. I'm thinking steak. Yes, I'm a hypocrite when it comes to food. I don't bring non-local meat into the house, but when I eat out it's too complicated to find something on the menu with no meat or eggs that actually tastes good. So steak here I come.

I had a lovely walk with my friend Chad yesterday. He has recently given up his on-line gaming addiction and is filling his time with more healthful pursuits, one of which is a daily walk. Yesterday I finished work early, actually before dark, which is rare for me, so I tagged along. We walked along the bike path between Witham Hill and Harrison which is a 10 minute walk one way, which we did round trip twice. It leads through a wetlandy sort of area. We were there right at sunset. It was absolutely lovely. The sky was brilliant and the frogs and geese were so loud. It was great. I didn't take my camera though. Sorry.

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  1. the walk sounds lovely. and to have a friend to walk with... perfetto.

    I like couch shopping, so have fun on your girly day out. And enjoy the steak :)