Sunday, January 10, 2010


I taught Relief Society today. We have started a new manual with the new year, very back to basics, so much so that the lessons are about a page long, as opposed to 3 or 4 pages in the old manual. It makes for a lot of creative and interesting discussion, because there is a lot of extra time to fill. I was worried that no one would talk, but silly me, I should have known better. There were so many comments that we went over time and I had to stop the discussion and skip the closing hymn. My ward RS is great :) The lesson topic was God. I told you it was basic. We mostly talked about what led each of us to believe in God, the nature of God, our relationship to Him. We also had an interesting discussion about the hubris involved in believing that science is infallible, or that we know so much that we can't be wrong. I myself have been wrong so often in my life that I am always keenly aware of the possibility that I am mistaken about any and everything. You will rarely if ever hear me say I am 100% sure of anything, including religious matters where the custom is to say 'I know beyond a shadow of a doubt..." I don't know anything beyond doubt, not even things that are tangible and provable. My perception is always suspect. I doubt everything. But I believe things wholeheartedly. Belief is not knowledge, and knowledge ends the necessity for faith. I'm quite content to be faithful and believing, as opposed to knowledgeable. Knowledge brings too much responsibility and I am nothing if not lazy ;D

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