Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I've decided online dating isn't for me. I'm not trusting enough. I will never believe that a man showing interest in me online is what he says he is, because there is no way to know. It's hard enough in person, and I'm a bad enough judge of character that I totally don't trust myself to see the truth. When we make a profile about ourselves, of course we highlight our positive character traits and ignore our negative ones. We omit, exaggerate, embellish? I tried not to, but it's a medium that lends itself to incomplete and semi-true information. Is it even possible to make an honest profile?

Also, the companies that run these online dating sites have an interest in their clients staying single. They need half a dozen success stories to post in their advertising, but it is far better for them if the rest of us fail, so we will continue paying for their services. If all their clients found love they would be out of a job. So why would I trust them to help me succeed????

Therefore, I have deleted my online profiles and have now only to be chagrined that, against my principles and better judgement, I actually paid good money to these shysters, these purveyors of fairy tales hoping for real results. For the record, I've been contemplating this move since long before the Brad incident. My experience with him just confirmed to me that I don't feel comfortable there. I take dating too seriously. It's not a game and I can't treat it like it's entertainment.

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