Sunday, February 7, 2010


My birthday was several days ago and a miracle occurred. It was sunny. I honestly don't think I've ever had a sunny birthday in Oregon before. Normally the first week in February is the worst part of winter here. Ice storms, snow, sub-arctic temperatures, (or so it feels to us mild climate loving Oregonians.) It was sunny and 60 degrees. I wore a short sleeved shirt without a jacket and drove with the windows open. It was awesome :) My birthday gift from the heavens, made even more notable by the heavy rains on the preceding and following days. The second gift from Mother Nature was pink :) a few tiny little pink buds on my Daphnae bush. After wanting a daphnae in our yard for years, I finally got one for my birthday last year. I planted it and it did not thrive. We had a big freezing ice storm here a couple of months ago and all the leaves turned black and fell off. I thought I had killed it. Then low and behold, on my birthday there were leaf buds and blossoms preparing to bloom :D Thank you to whomever is in charge of these little things. I appreciate it.

Conversely, I did my taxes today and discovered that I will not be getting a whopping big refund as one always hopes. I owe federal taxes and get a State refund, which basically cancel each other out. I think I make $20 in the deal. At least I'm not majorly in the hole.

I have stopped writing to Brad, and he doesn't seem to have noticed. So much for undying devotion ;)

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