Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Butterfly Bush

After trying and failing several times over the years, I have at long last succeeded in reading 'Crime and Punishment' by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It was not what I expected. I envisioned scenes of a far more grim and depressing nature and language far less comprehensible, and I certainly didn't expect the happily-ever-after ending. I thought Raskolnikov would kill himself, or spend his life in dreary regret. This ending by falling in love thing was not at all looked for by me. And I'm not sure what it all means. The murderer with delusions of grandeur gets to atone, but not the thwarted rapist.??? Hmm... Dostoyevsky was a strange chap, although I guess narrowly escaping death by firing squad will do that to you.

I considered starting another Dostoyevsky work, but have opted instead for some more serious reading in the form of 'Right Ho, Jeeves' by P.G. Wodehouse, a perennial favorite of mine. I have recently discovered Project Gutenberg, and so have been reading these books on my phone. Who needs a Kindle? Hah! If you wish to utilize this fabulous free catalogue of online books, visit http://www.gutenberg.org/.

Wasn't it lovely in my garden today?


  1. Yes, it was lovely in your garden today :). So you read books on your phone? what is the world coming to! lol. Can you imagine explaining that to someone born in the early 20th century. This world of ours is becoming so ... odd?

    Should I be embarrassed to say I have no clue what 'Right Ho, Jeeves' is. I know nufing!

  2. You should not be embarrassed. It's rather obscure, but entirely delightful. I recommend it highly for lightening the gloom on a less than perfect day. Although given your indifference to fiction, you might find it frivilous.

    Yes, I approve of this reading books on my phone thing. It's so convenient. I used to poopoo the idea of ubiquitous computing to Mark because it conjures up images of Minority Report or Big Brother is watching, but I certainly don't mind having access to the internet wherever I go :)