Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today I am desperately homesick for New Zealand. I miss my life there, my friends, my seminary students, my ward. I miss the sense of accomplishment and purpose being a student brought to my life. I miss being in daily association with people who I knew loved me, who were true friends to me even though we are not related. Although I am much closer to my family here, which I enjoy and appreciate, I am lonely. I miss my dear friends. And the real tragedy is that I am homesick for a life that no longer exists. I can't return there and step back into things as they were. People have moved on. I've finished my degree. My students are grown. So I need to quit whining and find joy where I am. My advice to you, boys and girls, is: Don't travel. Never leave home. Befriend only those whose roots are planted in the same soil as yours. Otherwise you will end up like me, with pieces of your heart in the four corners of the Earth. You'll never feel truly and completely at home. Someone's absence will always pain you. Once you leave home, you'll never be content again.


  1. OUCH OUCH OUCH! Be calm my homesick heart! I can't cope!

  2. Me neither, but the doctor has prescribed as a temporary remedy dinner with my uncle. I bought a chicken from a local farm which is free range, antibiotic free , humanely raised and slaughtered, and cost... $17!!!!! It had better be the best freaking chicken in the history of the universe. And there's pumpkin pie for dessert :)