Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Necessities of Life

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago in Newport. I LOVE it, except for the big SMUDGE ON THE PHOTO FROM MY CAMERA LENS!!!! Grrrr... and I don't have photoshop to fix it. Sniff sniff :'( Ah, well. Such is life. I so need a new camera. Well, perhaps 'need' is a strong word. I need oxygen and water. Not so much a new camera. But I'd like one. That same day we spent an hour watching the sea lions on the pier. We were highly amused by these two geniuses with their noses in the water. Their heads would sink under the surface, there would be bubbling and snorting, and then a rapid jerk of the head would bring them back up into the air for a moment... until they drowsed again and the cycle began anew. If they had simply moved their voluminous carcasses a few inches to the rear they could have slumbered in blissful peace. I wonder how often Heavenly Father watches me do the same dumbass thing, over and over again, thinking to himself, 'if she would just move her voluminous carcass...'

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