Monday, September 7, 2009


I am a hypocrite about blogs and correspondence and communication in general. I have always thought of blogging as a largely narcissistic exercise, something I would never do myself because no one in the world could possibly be interested in the mundane minutia of my life, but I like reading the interesting, intimate details of my friends' blogs, and I get cranky if they take too long to post every day.

I lived in New Zealand for nearly 4 years and I left a large portion of my heart behind me when I returned home to be closer to family. I have been "home" for nearly 3 years now and I am growing more and more distant from those I grew to love in the home of my heart. I hate this. I wish everyone I love could just move to a commune somewhere green and beautiful and live close to me forever. But it would never work. Sigh. I'd just want the people I love in the commune, but of course they'd all want the people they love too, and that just sounds like a big chaotic mess. Plus the word 'commune' conjures up all kinds of weirdness. So in lieu of kidnapping all my beloveds and whisking them away to a deserted island from which there is no escape, I've decided to blog, in the interest of more open communication.

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