Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Haze Continues

I know. I need to stop. I'm going to get in an accident.

But I like them.

Ok, now we're just getting silly.


  1. I have a million and one photos like this too...because they are fun. and the effect is cool... and a little danger makes one feel alive lol. My sister screamed with horror when I took a photo while driving them around in Italia. what could I say to her but "you're acting like I don't do this everyday, sheesh!" :) Im all for a little risk for the shot...

  2. Wow, doing it in the States is dangerous enough, but in Italy just driving is taking your life in your hands, let alone doing it with one hand and one eye not on the task at hand. You're lucky you lived to tell the tale!

  3. that was my one simple goal for our life in Italy. To survive!