Sunday, September 27, 2009


I wish I'd had more energy to enjoy Bologna. It's a lovely city and a half day at the end of an action packed holiday isn't the best way to appreciate it's charms. I'd have liked to have had more time to wander the streets and soak in the beauty, and of course, more time to photograph.

San Luca, glowing gorgeously above the city.

The porticoes, with which I became obsessed. Such variety of shape and color. Love love love.

This was my favorite. I like the curve of light and the change of color.

I took quite a fancy to this statue of Neptune. It's so wonderfully bizzare. Every demigod needs a harem of mermaids with spurting bosoms to support him.

Isn't he gorgeous?

This made me giggle, although I can't take credit for the original thought. I believe it was Mike who first called it Schindler's lift.


  1. awww with looking at this photographs for an instant, I really missed it all. Bologna was a gorgeous little city, and you are right, we didnt do it justice. An excuse to go back!

    Schindler's lift still makes me giggle too. I married a clever boy!

  2. Yeah, I'd love to go back there. I need to win the lottery so I can travel all the time. Or become a travel writer. Hah. I would have loved more time to explore. Maybe that's the best way to vacation, instead of spending 10 days dashing around the place, pick one destination and concentrate the whole time on the details.